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The world in a Christmas ball” – Short photo lesson #2


If you are a photographer you have probably already used a technique which consist in taking pictures of  reflection of the object. This concerns mainly reflections of building on puddles or  water of lakes, slowly flowing rivers or calm water of sea bays. But did you think about reflections in some other things like golden or brass objects, glasses or balls like here?

Have a go and you will be probably the first one to have an original photo like no one else. I took this picture in Sanctuary in Krzeszów in southern Poland. This is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been to and one of the most precious sacred buildings in central Europe. Taking such a shot is not easy since you gotta have:

  1. A Christmas tree inside a church
  2. Balls hanging on it big and clear enough to reflect all the interiors
  3. Telephoto lens with focal length at least 100 mm; using a wider angle made us come to close and it is hard to remove a camera and tripod in PS in postprocessing, because is more visible in the picture
  4. Tripod and remote shutter release (preferred wireless one

Once we set a camera on a tripod and find a proper Christmas ball we have to take pictures without us at the camera. Here it was hard to remove tripod from the picture because of tiles on the floor and the pattern that had to be preserved during cloning in PS. You have to shoot at the lowest ISO to achieve minimum amount of noise in a picture. This will help you later in postprocessing, since you must focus on enhacing some detail and color of the interior on a ball. Remember that always details must prevail over noise generated by camera, so you have to know the upper ISO limit you’d rather not cross.

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